Debbie Movelle



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Debbie Movelle

I am very excited to be a part of the Robert E. Lee family this school year!  Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know you!  I come to you after 41 amazing years spending my days with children!

As a teacher of gifted and talented children, I combine content-literature, poetry, geometry, famous mathematicians, the Stock Market, science, history, geography, cultures, art, music, and theatre.  The joy of learning is attained through challenging and positive experiences.  With a variety of approaches we sequence, improvise, create, demonstrate, observe, examine, discuss, collaborate, interpret, describe and evaluate the subject matter of the day.  Children have developmentally appropriate experiences that engage the whole self.  They attain a broad-based, well-grounded understanding of nature, values, and the meaning of what they are taught as part of their own humanity,  They are taught to make decisions where there are no standard answers.

Children learn best when they have feelings of well-being within a positive and encouraging environment.  Developing physical and mental abilities, required to learn any discipline, can occur only through personal interaction with the subject matter.  I believe creative experiences provide children with opportunities to correlate and integrate disciplines, enabling them to establish a sense of interconnectedness as well as develop a better perspective.  I view the child as a whole, mental, physical fitness and affective development for a future leadership are an important part of my weekly objectives.