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    The Satsuma City Schools has approximately 1,425 students enrolled, and we are excited to see continued growth with the addition of a new Pre-K classroom, additional Advanced Placement options, and an engineering focus at Satsuma High School.

    There are approximately 700 students at Robert E. Lee Elementary. The faculty/staff breakdown includes 40 teachers, 1 principal, 1 assistant principal, 1 counselor, 1 librarian, and 16 support staff members. Mrs. Brenda Sharp is the Principal. Many of our elementary staff members are AMSTI certified in mathematics and we are proud of our state of the art science lab where we incorporate LabLearner and FOSS curriculums. Advanced students are served in our Gifted program and are offered many opportunities for extended learning. Robert E. Lee also boasts a budding Outdoor Classroom environment.

    There are approximately 725 students at Satsuma High School, where we offer a rigorous academic slate that includes nine Advanced Placement courses, including Computer Science. We have begun to build a viable Career Tech program to assure that all of our students meet or exceed the expectation to be College and Career Ready. We currently offer student courses in Business Management and Administration, Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security, Health Education, and Human Services in addition to dual enrollment opportunities in a Certified Nursing Assistant program and Welding. Utilizing Project Lead the Way, 8th grade students are offered a variety of engineering courses and can continue this track in the upper grades with Engineering the Future. The faculty/staff breakdown at Satsuma High School includes 38 teachers, 1 principal, 1 assistant principal, 2 counselors, 1 librarian, and 14 support staff members. Mr. Josh Verkouille is the Principal.

    We welcome prospective students and their families to come explore the hidden gem that is Satsuma!

    Under the Student Services section, you can find the 2019-2020 Student Calendar, Elementary School Uniform Guidelines, High School Uniform Guidelines, Code of Student Conduct, and Satsuma Graduation Requirements.

    The Code of Student Conduct provides guidelines that describe a positive school environment. The booklet also describes conduct which is disruptive to the school's environment and strives to standardize procedures used in responding to disruptive situations. The Code of Student Conduct states the rights and responsibilities of administrators, teachers, parents/guardians and students, and allows for annual distribution of required information to parents/guardians as prescribed by federal and state regulations.