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Mrs. Suzanne Bahr

Dear Parents,

As you have heard many times since last March, we are living in unprecedented times. This school year will go down in history for sure, but how we will reminisce on it after it has passed will be up to our mindset while we experience it.  Furthermore, your children are not only experiencing history, they are looking to you to figure out how to react to it. Author Mehmet Murat Ildan wrote, “A journey to the unknown shores needs a port, a ship, a wind; but more important than all of them: courage; courage to leave the known for the unknown!”  

Since we are being forced to leave the known for the unknown, let’s dive right in to the 2020-2021 school year. Our school will be the port, your child will be the ship, and our dedicated educators will be the wind. That leaves the important job to you, our dear parents.  You are going to be who we rely on to be the courage-givers this year.

So, how can you succeed at this new role?  All that we ask is that you lead by example for your child. Show him or her that we are a team. Partner with us in educating your student. To do that, ask questions, respond to surveys, or volunteer. Help your child follow the new procedures.  Advocate for your child and what he or she may need. Trust that we are doing our best, and we will trust that you are doing your best.  Together we will provide our students the courage, port, and wind they need to sail their ships to success, even as they sail through these uncharted waters. 

My three goals as principal are to 

  1. Instill a love of learning in each student by giving each student a successful elementary foundation. 
  2. Keep each student safe and healthy while at school by providing a clean environment for learning. 
  3. Embrace each student’s different background and promote a warm and welcoming school climate to all who enter our Gator family. 

In closing, I am excited and humbled to be leading an already wonderful school even closer to greatness. With patience, flexibility, and understanding from everyone involved, we can strive to make sure this is the greatest school year yet.  It sure is Great to be a Gator!  

Suzanne Bahr, Principal