• Satsuma High School: Jr High Academy

    Physical Science 8

    Teacher: Mr. Stubblefield

    Room 604


    First Semester:

    1. Scientific Processes and Methods
    2. Matter
    3. Basic Chemistry
    4. Solution Chemistry
    5. Gas Chemistry

    Second Semester:

    1. Energy
    2. Forces and Motion
    3. Simple Machines
    4. Waves
    5. Electricity and Magnetism

    Supplies: The complete Jr High Supply list can be found at SHS Jr High Supply List on the satsumaschools.com/SHS website.

    • Writing supplies: pens, pencils, highlighters
    • Paper supplies: Notebook filler paper, 3-ring binder (1 inch), composition book (NOT GRAPH PAPER)
    • Other (optional): colored pencils if you prefer your own, “scientific” calculator if you have your own (such as TI-30Xa, for example), a box of tissues, a roll of paper towels, a can of cleaning wipes.