• Student Online Safety

    Due to the COPPA law, many websites require users under the age of 13, and sometimes under the age of 18, to obtain their parent's permission before creating an individual online account. The sites listed below require such permission. Depending on the site, the Terms of Use generally may ask that the permission come in the form of signed forms, credit cards, etc. Because many sites have great educational value and because asking parents to repeatedly submit permission forms is burdensome, the Satsuma City Schools' Student Code of Conduct now contains a provision for school administrators to authorize the use of certain sites without each student obtaining parental permission. 

    Parents who do not want their child to set up an account on any of the following sites, must notify the school in writing. Generally, students will only set up accounts when directed to do so by their teacher or because they find the site useful in completing a school assignment.

    Please note that some sites do not allow children under the age of 13 to create accounts regardless of parental permission.

    You can see the list of sites that have already been approved for use here.

    Listed below are sites that help your students to become great digital citizens:

    Common Sense Media


    Guides families to make smart media choices. Offering a library of independent age-based and educational ratings and reviews for movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, books, and music.  Provides guidance to families in understanding and navigate the problems and possibilities of raising children in the digital age. 

    Common Sense Education


    Provides high-quality digital literacy and citizenship programs to educators and school communities.



    Provides resources to raise awareness and understanding of digital citizenship for educators, parents, and students.  

     Cyberbully 411     


    Provides resources and opportunities for discussion and sharing for youth and their parents who have questions about or may have been targeted by online harassment.

     Disney’s Online Safety Site


    Great resources and tips for safely navigating the Internet.

     I-SAFE America, Inc.


    i-parent provides a range of resources for parents and students.

     Microsoft Online Safety


    This site offers parents tips for online safety, online bullying, social media, and safety settings.



    This site offers parents a variety of tools to use to facilitate discussions regarding Internet safety.



    Provides resources for parents on social networks, privacy, cyberbullying, and more.



    Lists of the top chat and text acronyms that parents need to know.



    This site provides safety advice, tools, tips, and articles related to Internet safety for parents and kids.



    This site provides safety advice, tools, tips, and articles related to Internet safety for parents and teens.



    This organization provides education, assistance, and awareness of cybercrime, privacy, security, and responsible use of technology.