Grades 7th-12th

  • Satsuma High School places a strong emphasis on preparing students to become productive citizens through academics, community service, and career preparedness. Project and inquiry based learning are an integral part of instruction where students investigate solutions to open questions to reinforce content and promote collaborative skills necessary for the workforce.  The implementation of College and Career Ready Standards and more rigorous expectations have allowed students to become leaders. Satsuma High School provides relevant content and skills in all courses including Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Career Tech, and the Arts. In addition, Satsuma High Schools’ athletic programs and extracurricular activities provide something for every student and help to assure the provision of a well-rounded education. There are approximately 768 students in grades 7 through 12 at Satsuma High School. The faculty/staff breakdown at Satsuma High School includes 42 teachers, 1 principal, 2 assistant principals, 2 counselors, 1 librarian, and 10 support staff members. Most faculty members also serve as coaches, club sponsors, and mentors, assuring that Satsuma High School students are prepared to become tomorrow's leaders.