• Satsuma High School

    Grades 7 through 12

    Satsuma High School provides relevant content and skills in reading,
    writing, mathematics, social studies, science, physical activities, fine arts,
    wellness, technology, library media and daily life lessons. We provide
    extracurricular activities that enhance the learning of students and
    provide differentiated instruction daily. Satsuma High School places a
    strong emphasis on preparing students to become productive citizens
    through academics, community service, and career preparedness. The
    implementation of College and Career Ready Standards and more rigorous
    expectations have allowed students to become leaders. Mr. Josh Verkouille has been an 
    educator for over 15 years and has served as the principal at Satsuma High School since 
    2015. As an Alumni, he is excited to return to his roots and become a member of the Satsuma 
    City School System. Mr. Verkouille’s goal is to ensure students are given every opportunity
    to reach his or her full potential and become college and career ready. Mr. Verkouille
    states, “I am committed to making sure that our school offers a comprehensive school
    experience for every student that combines rigorous academics, a dedication to athletics
    and fine arts, and extracurricular opportunities to enable students to develop a sense of 
    belonging within themselves, this school, and the community.”

    The AP course offerings at SHS include World History, US History, Government
    & Politics-US, English Language Composition, English Literature Composition,
    Chemistry, Biology, Calculus AB, and Computer Science. These AP courses
    provide students with an opportunity to obtain college credit while meeting their
    diploma requirements. During the 2015-2016 school year, 248 students were
    enrolled in AP courses. The implementation of an A+ College Ready grant has
    helped to provide these opportunities. Students receive $100 for each test they
    successfully pass. Teachers also receive training each summer in their respective
    courses to assure that students have the latest course information.

    Satsuma’s 8th grade students benefit from a varity of hands-on, project-based
    PTLW courses. Students engage in hands-on collaborative problem solving
    focused on real-world challenges. PLTW courses are outlined below.

    Design and Modeling is a new course for 8th
    grade students which allows them to learn what
    engineers do and how to use the engineering design
    process to solve problems. Students also learn
    how to draw engineering diagrams using 3D CAD
    software and print their designs using a 3D printer.

    In the Automation and Robotics class, students trace the history,
    development, and influence of automation and robotics as
    they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine
    automation, and computer control systems. Students use the
    VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-
    world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.

    Students play the role of real-life medical detectives
    as they analyze genetic testing results to diagnose
    disease and study DNA evidence found at a “crime
    scene.” They solve medical mysteries through
    hands-on projects and labs, investigate how
    to measure and interpret vital signs, and learn
    how the systems of the human body work together to maintain health.

    The Introduction to Computer Science is a hands-on, project-
    based class that allows students to learn how to use MIT App

    Inventor to design and build different apps. For their end
    of the class project, students will design and create an app.
    Many of these apps will then be used by elementary students.

    To meet the challenges of a competitive world, students in grades 7 through 12
    are given opportunities to prepare for the workforce by exposure to life skills
    while assessing interests, aptitudes, and learning career paths. Career Technical
    Education activities and programs provided through the Satsuma City Schools
    promote entry level skills necessary to enter the workforce and prepare students
    for additional technical training. Our career prep departments include Welding,
    Government and Public Administration, Health Science, Business Management
    and Administration, and Hospitality and Tourism.

    Our CTE department also administers the ACT WorkKeys assessment annually.
    WorkKeys is a skills assessment that helps employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a quality workforce. The assessment measures foundational
    and soft skills. SHS students ranked
    3rd overall in the state of Alabama with
    its senior ACT WorkKeys scores and
    certifications in 2016.

    The Gator Battalion JROTC is a leadership program
    at Satsuma High School. JROTC students learn
    how to become leaders, team players, and learn
    values that will help them later in life. JROTC
    cadets are taught the meaning of dedication
    and responsibility, and that they should lead
    by example. The students enjoy many activities
    including rappelling, canoeing, drill competitions,
    color guard missions, rifle team competitions, physical training and competitions,
    orienteering, scholars bowl competitions, community service and a number of
    field trips.


    Satsuma High School offers students an
    opportunity to explore the world of Welding
    through a Dual Enrollment Program. Students
    also have the opportunity to receive additional
    certification through OSHA (Occupational
    Safety and Health Administration). Students
    completing this course in high school are well on their way toward a lucrative
    career. This course is provided on campus with a state of the art welding trailer
    provided by AIDT. Support from local businesses (Mitternight & Axis Welding and
    Machine Works, Inc.) for welding materials help to make this program successful.


    Satsuma High School offers a variety of Health Science courses including
    Foundations of Health, Medical Terminology, and the Nurse Assistant Program.
    These courses are for any students curious about the Healthcare field in any


    The Foundations of Health Science class introduces
    students to a wide range of health careers. The class is
    designed to focus on basic medical terminology, body
    structure and function, legal and ethical implications,
    health and wellness, communication, and hard and soft
    skills for the workplace. This class is recommended for

    students who want to prepare for further study in health-
    related fields or just want to find out if Healthcare would be a fit for them.


    Medical Terminology teaches students the language of
    medicine. The instructor uses an integrated approach for
    teaching medical terminology by incorporating medical
    terms with anatomy and physiology and the disease
    processes. Students will learn medical terms for all human
    systems, body organization and terms, function and
    diseases of body systems, related tests and abbreviations.
    This course is recommended for students who think they
    may go into any health related field in the future.


    The Nurse Assistant Program course focuses specifically on
    preparing students to take the Certified Nursing Assistant
    State Exam (CNA). This is a rigorous yet rewarding program
    as the students will receive certification that could allow
    them to immediately enter the medical workforce upon
    graduation. Students direct patient care in a lab setting
    practicing skills which include taking vital signs, bathing,
    bed making, dressing, changing, and feeding residents.
    Students complete 50 hours of clinical work in a local
    nursing home during this course. In addition, students will
    learn CPR for Healthcare Providers (BLS), confidentiality,
    legal and ethical principles, infection control, patient
    safety and rights, communication, documentation, and
    much more.


    The Business Education Department at Satsuma
    High School offers courses to prepare students for
    today’s technological world. The Business Education
    Classes offered include Career Preparedness,
    Business Technology Applications (BTA), Advanced
    BTA, Multimedia Design, Business Finance, and
    Work-Based Learning (Co-op). The variety of classes
    offered will help prepare students for jobs in finance,

    computers, and management. Students have an opportunity to experience work-
    based learning through our Cooperative Education program that will give them

    not only valuable work experience but help improve those soft skills that are vital
    to all employees.


    This course focuses on three major areas of instruction:
    academic planning, career development, financial
    literacy, and technology skill applications. Students
    learn teamwork and how to prepare themselves for the
    business world. This course uses the Smart Works Ethic
    curriculum to assure that students have the soft skills
    that are necessary to be college and career ready.

    Microsoft Office Specialist Certifiation

    Students have a chance to earn their certification to be an
    Microsoft Office Specialist through Business Education classes
    offered at Satsuma High School. Students may test in all areas of
    Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Since
    the commencement of Satsuma’s certification, 17 students have
    earned their MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification.



    This course is designed to prepare students for entry level
    employment in events planning and or meeting management.
    The content includes the principles and practices of sound
    public relations, planning and organizing events, meetings,
    conferences, and conventions. Integrated throughout this
    course are career preparation standards, which include
    communication, interpersonal skills, and problem solving.


    We offer Fine Arts education to students grades 7
    through 12. Middle School Art, Art I, and Art II are
    available for students to take as an elective course.
    The goal is for every student to discover their
    potential as a creative individual and to h develop
    creativity. Mrs. Finley, Art Teacher, hopes that while
    in her class, students realize that they do not have
    to be the best artist to create beautiful works of
    art, but instead, with a little effort, can accomplish
    more than they imagined.

    Gator Nation News

    Our school’s source for broadcast news is GNN - Gator Nation
    News! In its 2016 inaugural year, GNN won “Best Videography”
    and “Most Improved Broadcasting Team” at Seymour Broadcasting
    Camp, and one participant was awarded with a Seymour summer
    internship to cover the news for local fall sports programs. At
    present, GNN’s emerging broadcasting program offers students
    experience in news anchoring and production, starting in 7th
    grade with a 9-week “Intro to Broadcast Journalism” class. Future
    plans include sports broadcasting, and live school news coverage.

    Gator Gazette

    Gator Gazette is the official student news source for
    Satsuma High School. . The students not only investigate
    and write stories, but also take their own pictures.

    Peer Leaders

    This year Satsuma High School began a peer counseling program called Peer
    Leaders. The idea behind the group is that students are many times more likely to
    come to a peer with a problem or a concern than they are to come to an adult, so the
    goal of this program is to equip students with the necessary skills to communicate
    with their peers and to serve as a beacon of hope of empathy within the school.
    Satsuma is modeling the program off of other successful programs throughout
    Baldwin County sponsored by the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation, but they
    are the first group of its kind in any Mobile County public school. The group is
    composed of 10-12 grade students selected by their teachers for their ability to
    show empathy, compassion, and leadership abilities in and out of the classroom.
    The students also have the opportunity to participate in a year-round class to
    hone their peer-relational skills. In the class they cover communication skills and
    how to handle difficult situations they might be contacted about, everything from
    peer pressure and bullying to suicide prevention.

    Athletic Programs

    The mission of the Athletic Department is to
    enrich the character of our student athletes
    through discipline, teamwork, competition,
    sportsmanship, and personal and social
    development. We further believe that athletics
    promotes character traits desirable to industry
    such as work ethic, communication, and the
    spirit of fairness and equity. 

    Clubs & Organizations

    Satsuma High School offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations. We encourage
    our students to be involved in extracurricular activities, and strive to offer as many
    activities as possible in order to help our students succeed, both intellectually and

    The Spirit of Satsuma

    The Spirit of Satsuma Band is a group of dedicated and exceptionally talented
    students at Satsuma High School.

    Project Outreach

    Project Outreach is a new service club at Satsuma High School that connects
    student with disabilities with their typical peers for the benefit of both groups.