• Robert E. Lee Elementary School

    Grades Pre-K through 6

    Robert E. Lee Elementary School provides a safe and orderly environment
    where students are comfortable and ready to learn. A rigorous curriculum
    is aligned to state standards and challenges students to move beyond
    the status quo. Robert E. Lee Elementary is an AMSTI school rich with
    conceptual learning and the use of technology. This initiative coupled
    with the continued integration of literacy and critical thinking skills
    across content areas prepare our students to pursue a challenging course
    of study and be well prepared for high school.

    Mrs. Brenda Sharp has served as an administrator
    with the Satsuma City School District since it’s
    inception in 2012 and is humbled to be a part of
    the long standing tradition of academic excellence
    and student focused learning established here. Her
    desire is to serve the students and families of this
    community with the highest level of commitment
    and build upon this solid foundation to afford
    students every opportunity to excel. With more
    than 19 years of experience as an educator,
    instructional specialist and administrator, Mrs.
    Sharp remains a teacher at heart.

    The students at Robert E. Lee will always be the single most important factor in all of her decisions. Mrs. Sharp states that,
    “the fact that our system is often referred to as a “Hidden Gem” can be
    directly attributed to the caliber of students enrolled, the exceptional
    quality of the instructional staff and to the significant level of parental
    and community support. Together we form a team committed to growing
    future leaders one relationship at a time.”



    Students who qualify for Gifted Education Services are served
    one day a week in the Robert E. Lee Gifted Program. Mrs. Jessica
    Fox, Gifted Educator, uses a concept-based curriculum that
    provides opportunities for real-world problem solving and
    authentic learning.


    (A group of kindergarteners) + (a nurturing, goal oriented teacher)
    + (resources) + (community) =

    Well-rounded Kindergators who are ready for any challenge!


    The Leader in Me Initiative began this school year, and will give
    students the opportunity to grow as leaders at REL and in our


    The circus at Robert E. Lee Elementary School was established by a group of 2nd
    Grade Teachers and has become a tradition that is anticipated each spring. During
    the 2015-2016 school year, Lee celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the production
    with stellar student performances.


    Robert E. Lee Elementary’s 1st ever Honor Walk was held to recognize
    students making the A or A/B Honor Roll or Perfect Attendance for
    the quarter. Students walked the perimeter of the campus escorted
    by the teachers holding pride banners. Parents and community
    members lined the route to cheer for these future leaders.


    At Lee Elementary, we realize that recess might just be the most
    important 20 minutes of the school day. It often determines
    how the remainder of the day will unfold. Teachers report that
    due to recess, student engagement is up, behavior has improved,
    and time on task has increased.


    National Elementary Honor Society

    We has established the Gator Chapter of the
    National Elementary Honor Society at Robert
    E. Lee Elementary as a means for recognizing
    exceptional students. We have joined with the
    already established National Junior Honor Society
    and National Honor Society to create a continuum of excellence across our
    elementary, junior high, and high school education community. Robert E. Lee
    Elementary School inducted 47 inaugural members.The membership selection
    was based upon careful consideration of the students’ scholarship, responsibility,
    service, and leadership.


    An Outdoor Classroom will become a reality on campus
    this year. Lee Elementary received a $5,000 grant from
    the Students to Stewards Program, part of Alabama
    Power’s Brighter Minds Education Initiative. Mrs.
    Amber Widemire completed the grant application on
    behalf of REL. The grant will support the construction
    of an Outdoor Classroom, which will allow students to
    experience things such as gardening, experiments that
    cannot be completed indoors, and data analysis with
    plant growth and water collection, and small animal observations. Mrs. Widemire
    stated that, “Our school received sponsors to support a STEM Science Lab and
    our students have been enjoying many in-depth Science experiments. This grant
    would allow us to carry those experiments outdoors where the magic of Science is
    happening naturally on a daily basis.”