• Pre-K Application
    We are now accepting applications for Satsuma City Schools Pre-K Program for the 2019-2020 school year. Enrollment is open to all children 4 years of age by September 2, 2019 who are Satsuma residents.

    Please complete the following application, and be sure to have the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS before you turn in your application. 

    1. Satsuma City Schools Pre-K Application
    • Students must be 4 on or before September 2, 2019.
    • Parents MUST supply an email address.
    • Income must be disclosed for tuition purposes.

    To complete the Satsuma City Schools Pre-K application, the following REQUIRED DOCUMENTS must be presented in person by a parent or legal guardian at the Satsuma City Schools Central Office. 

    1. Parent/Legal Guardian Photo ID

    – Photo ID may include a driver’s license, a state identification card, a passport, or other official photo identification, such as an ID card obtained through an official government agency or consulate. 

    1. Proofs of Residence

    The parent/guardian who owns/rents the property shall provide valid documents as proofs of residence. The proofs of residence that must be provided are a two utility bills and one of the following items: current mortgage statement, tax assessment letter, or signed notarized lease. The proofs of residence must be for the address being verified and utility bills/mortgage statements must not be past 30 days old.
    **For parents/guardians living with another person or family, a residency affidavit will have to be completed at the Satsuma City Schools Central Office. The owner of the property will have to provide the valid documents as proofs of residence (from list above).  The parent/guardian must also provide an official document addressed to them at that address. Both parties must meet with the Pre-K Director AND School Resource Officer to present the proofs of residence and complete the residency affidavit.
    *** After residency is verified, parents will be emailed the link to complete the registration process. *** 

    1. Proof of Legal Custody
      –If legal custody of a child is split between two parents, a certified copy of the most recent court order identifying each parent’s respective award of physical custody is required. The parent is responsible to immediately inform the school of any changes to the court order. 

    If you have additional questions about the Pre- K application process, you may contact the Satsuma City Schools Central Office at 251-380-8200. The Pre-K Lottery date will be announced at a later time.