• Backpack Safety

    Heavy backpacks are causing back pain and spinal strain across the nation. Spinal ligaments and muscles are not fully developed until after age 16. Heavy backpacks are a source of low-level stress that may result in neck, shoulder, or back injuries. Backpacks are often not worn correctly. See the backpack safety tips below and the links for detailed information on preventing injuries related to the incorrect use of backpacks. 

    Backpack Safety Tips

    A Proper Backpack:

    • No wider than the user's torso
    • Hang no more than 4 inches below the waist
    • Padded shoulders and back
    • Waist and chest straps
    • Multiple compartments
    • Side compression straps
    • Reflective material

    Backpack Use

    • Make sure to use both straps when carrying the backpack
    • Make sure the shoulder straps are tightened, so the backpack is fitted to your child's back.
    • Adjust the backpack load by adjusting the chest, waist, and compression straps.

    Additional Backpack Safety Information

    National Safety Council: Backpack Safety

    Shriners Childrens: Backpack Safety

    OrthoKids: Backpack Safety


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