• 5th Grade Growth and Development

    Each year, the 5th-grade students will have the opportunity to view the growth and development video Always Changing discussing the “growing up” process as seen through the eyes of young people. There will be separate videos for boys and girls.  We will discuss the content in the video highlighting hygiene. Students will be encouraged to discuss their curious questions not covered in the video with their parents/guardians. The videos that will be shown are in the YouTube links below.

    Students must have a parent/guardian's consent to view the video. Consent forms will be sent home before showing the video. 

    Boys https://youtu.be/2XF0awGRTWs?feature=shared

    Girls https://youtu.be/gv21b3ZpSLg?feature=shared


    Please contact your school nurse to discuss the individual health needs of your child. 


    Feminine hygiene products for girls are available in the school nurse's office.