Under the Anaphylaxis Act 2014- 405, Alabama public schools are allowed to develop a protocol for anaphylaxis preparedness that shall include maintaining and administering a pre-measured dose of auto injectable epinephrine to treat potential life-threatening allergic reactions.

    The Satsuma City School System recognizes the growing concern of potential life-threatening allergic reactions in the school setting and acknowledges the possibility that the first serious reaction may occur at school. Many common causes of anaphylaxis include allergies to food, latex, medications, and insect stings. A supply of auto-injectable epinephrine will be kept in a secure but accessible location, in or near the AED cabinets and fire extinguishers in the elementary and high school. All emergency equipment, therefore, is in a known and well-marked area. Support will also be provided by administration to assure school staff are trained and updated as deemed necessary.

    The Satsuma City School System supports the three levels of prevention as outlined in Act 2014-405.

    • Primary prevention: Satsuma City School System will provide education programs that address food allergies and anaphylaxis through both classroom and individual instruction for staff and students. 
    • Secondary prevention: Identification and management of chronic illness
    • Tertiary prevention: The development of a planned response to anaphylaxis-related emergencies in the schools.

    If your child has a life-threatening allergy, contact your school nurse to establish an individual health and emergency action plan.


    Auto-Injectable Epinephrine Pen Locations

    (Adult and Child Pens located on each campus)

    Lee Elementary School: Front entrance near AED

    Lee Elementary School: 5th and 6th Grade building entrance near AED

    Satsuma High School: Outside front office near AED

    Satsuma High School: Annex building outside of gym in the hallway near the AED