Many children with chronic illnesses and conditions attend school and may require medication administration during school hours. The goal of the school regarding the administration of medication during school hours is to assist students in maintaining an optimal state of wellness, thus enhancing the educational experience.

    Medications should be administered before and after school hours when possible. Medication prescribed for three times a day should be given at home; just before leaving for school, upon returning home in the afternoon, and at bedtime. The only exception to this schedule is medication that must be given before or along with meals or is time ordered by the prescriber.

    If a medication is required during school hours, the school nurse or authorized school personnel will administer the medication to assist students in maintaining a state of wellness as long as the following guidelines are followed:

    • All students requiring a prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) medication during school hours will require a School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form completed and signed by the licensed health care provider and parent/guardian. The form is available at each school and on the school web site. Medications will not be given until the completed form has been received.
    • All prescription medication must be in the original container with a current pharmacy label with complete instructions matching the School MedicationPrescriber /Parent Authorization.
    • All prescribed over-the-counter medication must be in the original, unopened, sealed, unexpired container.
    • The parent/guardian or the parent-designated adult must transport all medication to and from school. All medication will be counted when received and returned. Students are not allowed to bring medication to the school.
    • The parent/guardian must give the first dose of a new medication at home in case of a possible allergic reaction.
    • No more than a 30-day supply should be stored at school.
    • Students are allowed to carry prescribed emergency medication once the correct forms are completed and the medication has been approved by the school nurse.
    • Medication not picked up by the last day of school will be discarded.
    • Any changes in medication will require a new and completed School Medication Prescriber /Parent Authorization.


    Over-the-Counter Medications

    All over-the counter medication will require the same School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form as prescription medications.   The school is not allowed to stock over-the-counter medications (such as Advil, Motrin, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol or syrups, etc.). Neither school personnel nor students are allowed to dispense nonprescription medications. All non-prescription medications must be in the original, unopened, sealed container bearing the entire manufacturer’s labeling and should be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian along with the authorization form.  A pharmacy label is preferred, if unable to obtain a pharmacy label, the student’s name should be written legibly on the container.  All liquid medications must have a calibrated medicine cup, spoon or syringe.


    If there is a discrepancy in the medication or orders, the school will not administer the medication until clarification is obtained.