• Strategic Plan

    SCS Strategic Plan

    The Satsuma City Schools Strategic Plan seeks to establish the mission, vision, and goals as the district moves into the next three years of serving students. This strategic plan will help SCS identify objectives and strategies to prepare our students and employees for excellence while being intentional and purposeful in our decisions. The strategic plan is meant for looking ahead and creating a plan that meets the district's goals for the future while creating a system for the district to ensure accountability and operational effectiveness while adjusting to meet the needs and challenges of SCS students.  As a part of the planning process, SCS seeks the input of students, employees, parents, and community members through surveys and community forums. At these forums, participants learned about the strategic planning process while providing information to be used in planning for the school system’s future.

  • Academics

    Satsuma City Schools will strive to cultivate excellence by providing robust and rigorous programs and curriculum to prepare students for life-long learning in a global community.

  • Staff Development

    Satsuma City Schools will strive to recruit, retain and grow employees dedicated to the academic and character development of our students.

  • Facilities

    Satsuma City Schools will construct and provide excellent athletic, artistic, and academic facilities that foster growth and community amongst like-minded peers.