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Our Story

Our Community

The City of Satsuma, established in 1959, has a modest population of 6,168. The City continually experiences growth. The Satsuma School District is highly supported by the community with active PTO’s and an Educational Foundation. The occupancy rate in Satsuma is very high because families strive to move into the city in order to attend the schools.

Our District

Satsuma City Schools provides a diverse learning environment for all students, and exceptional programs that will plant the seed of knowledge in your child that you will see blossom throughout their time with us. The school system has Board members, administrators, teachers, counselors, nurses, and support staff who are all dedicated to the mission of working in partnership (with the community) to ensure academic achievement, responsible behavior, and civic engagement for all students. Come explore all of the reasons that “We are Satsuma”.

Our Schools

Satsuma schools are building a tradition of achievement in academics, athletics, and the arts. We take pride in providing students and their families a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment. We are excited about the promise of new ideas and new initiatives that will help create even better schools for the students and families we serve. Robert E. Lee Elementary School serves students in grades Pre-K through 6th. Satsuma High School serves students in grades 7th through 12th.

Our Mission

  • Satsuma City Schools takes pride in developing every student to their highest potential by instilling a spirit of excellence, teaching, and leading with integrity and teamwork to create lifelong learners, making the world a better place.